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Why Do Children Need Nature?
Why children need and deserve nature, explained in under 4 minutes!
Excerpts from a speech given in Melbourne, Australia in 2015
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The Nature Connection Pyramid
The Nature Connection Pyramid is your template for building a nature-centric life from the bottom up. Download the graphic. Share it, print it, and display it proudly!
Estamos Aquí: A Celebration of Nature y Cultura
Estamos Aquí: A Celebration of Nature y Cultura
Our latest film is a collaboration between The Nature Kids Institute and Latino Outdoors. Join us for a festive celebration of nature, conservation and Latino culture. "Estamos Aqui" premiered in September at a special screening organized by The White House. More information on this exciting film coming soon!
Meet Kenny Ballentine

Kenny Ballentine

Kenny Ballentine is a father to four wild "nature kids", an award winning filmmaker, and an internationally recognized speaker and trainer. He maintains a steadfast belief in a future where our everyday lives are as immersed in nature as they are in technology... a future where kids and families are living healthier, happier and sustainable lives. Kenny is the director of the award-winning documentary film "Nature Kids", the founder of the Nature Kids Institute and the host of the Nature Kids Radio podcast. His most recent film, "Estamos Aqui" was honored with a special screening in our nations capitol, hosted by The White House. He is currently in production on three new films on the human connection to nature and is co-authoring a book on the Nature Connection Pyramid. Kenny resides in beautiful Northern California with his wife and three children.

For film screenings, speaking and other inquiries contact Kenny: naturekidsinstitutue@gmail.com
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